Transformed young adults will transform their communities.

Education Is Helpful But It’s Not Enough

Education and job training are great and helpful for creating opportunities for young adults. We believe in both, but we also know plenty of people who struggle with meaning in purpose despite their degrees or job titles. We provide training and resources for organizations looking to disciple more students. Our curriculum allows students to better understand themselves, their environment, and their identity as sons or daughters of the Creator God. Young adults struggle for meaning and purpose. This is what they’re looking for, and we want to help you guide them to this discovery.

The Milagros Model: Discipleship & Opportunity

Communities change because to the people within them. Education is important for creating upward mobility and shaping opportunity. However, it is only part of the equation for true trans formative change. Anyone investing in young adults would want to see them emerge with character, integrity, strong ethics and vision. These are not necessarily results from education alone. Loving work environments with mentors leads to true discipleship that are proven to challenge young adults to be life-long people of character and vision. A life in pursuit of following Jesus’ is the mark of a disciple and, in our opinion, investing in young people for this purpose is the greatest investment opportunity.

Local Communities Creating Local Impact

Local communities are at the heart of Milagros. We don’t believe in uprooting our students from their communities. Nor do we believe we can come in as a savior to right all the wrongs. What works in some regions does not always work in others. Instead, We meet them where they’re at, helping them identify and accomplish their own goals. A big part of that revolves around fostering relationships with local organizations that support the student as they go through their education and prepare them to make a difference in their community after completing the program.

The Penny Principle

We believe in something called the Penny Principle, a type of compounding interest in the economics of Christ’s Kingdom modeled by Jesus. Imagine if you found a penny that doubled itself every day. After only one month, you’d have 10 million dollars. That’s how Jesus did discipleship. Jesus spent most of his earthly ministry pouring into a few individuals, his disciples. Those disciples went and made more disciples and so on. The impact he had on a few people spread to the ends of the earth, and we believe it’s still spreading in that way. That’s why we partner with on-the-ground organizations where our students live. These leaders meet one-on-one with the scholars, pouring into them and instilling the Gospel so they can go share it with others and carry on that expounding interest.

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